Short science fiction stories
by jan bee landman
prison cell with my little pony
On the eve of destruction a brilliant scientist battles with time to save part of the natural world.
prison cell with my little pony
A brutal veteran from the Civil Wars in 21st century Britain needs to commit genocide to survive
prison cell with my little pony
A little boy on an abandoned spaceship tries to return home with the help of an old robot
one wooden artist's mannequin helping another one get up
Artificial bodies offer lots of advantages but also a few horrendous drawbacks

E-book for only $0.99, available for instant download, with 10 science fiction stories, including 4 prize-winning ones

  • Birds that Fly (3rd prize in Dutch King Kong Award Competition)
  • Homeward Bound
  • One more Run
  • Timmy's Lagoon
  • The Flight of the Nemesis
  • The Last Day of the Month
  • The Outing
  • The Day after Tomorrow (KKA runner-up)
  • The Mound (KKA runner-up)
  • The Stringdance (KKA runner-up)
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